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  1. 14 inch to 20 inch (04)
  1. celeron (02)
  2. i5 (01)
  3. pentium dual core (01)
  1. 4GB (02)
Integrated Graphic Processor
  1. Int. Graphics (02)
Operating System
  1. DOS (01)
  2. Windwos 10 (01)
Graphic Processor
  1. 2 GB Graphics (01)
  2. Integrated Graphics (01)
Web Camera
  1. Native HD 1.0MP webcam with digital microphone (01)
  2. Yes (01)
HDD Capacity
  1. 1 TB HDD (01)
  2. 500 GB HDD (01)
Optical Disk Drive
  1. DVD/RW (02)
Operating System
  1. DOS (02)
  1. 1 Year Company (02)
  1. Asus (13)
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Asus Store

Asus Store

The latest buzz in the laptop and computer industry is Asus. This brand has taken the world to surprise with its extraordinary pricing and attractive features. Offering the products of standards no less than that of its competitor, Asus manages to keep the prices incredibly low. No other brand in today’s market is capable of launching laptops in market with features better than that of Asus and prices even close to Asus. In the low cost laptop section, Asus enjoys a monopoly.

The Asus notebook India is the rising star in the Indian market, as India’s market is the filled with consumers with shallow pockets. Customers being very economical in spending over laptops, Asus laptops are a bright option to them. brings you the option to buy Asus laptop Gujarat, at the best market price. Asus laptop Gujarat, has been taken up by the and the store brings every new model released, to you. You will be finding every new feature laptop at the most extraordinary low price here.

Nothing could be a better option than Care Office to buy Asus notebook Gujarat. You can surf online through every model launched by the company right from your home.

Asus VG248QE

Regular Price: ₹28,250.00

Care Price ₹25,390.00

You Save: 10%

Asus PA238Q in Ahmedabad

Regular Price: ₹25,900.00

Care Price ₹20,990.00

You Save: 19%

Asus VP278H Price in ahmedabad

Regular Price: ₹21,000.00

Care Price ₹18,990.00

You Save: 10%

Asus MX239H in Ahmedabad

Regular Price: ₹19,500.00

Care Price ₹17,890.00

You Save: 8%