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Product Type
  1. Desktop (09)
screen size
  1. 14 inch to 20 inch (04)
  2. more than 20 inch (05)
  1. celeron (01)
  2. i5 (06)
  3. pentium dual core (02)
  1. 4GB (01)
  2. 8GB (05)
Integrated Graphic Processor
  1. 2GB-AMD R9 M380 (01)
  2. 2GB-AMD R9 M390 (01)
  3. 2GB-AMD R9 M395 (01)
  4. Int. Graphics (04)
  5. Intel Iris Pro 6200 (02)
Operating System
  1. DOS (03)
  2. Mac OS (05)
  3. Windows 8SL (01)
  1. 1 Year Company (08)
  2. 3 Year Company (01)
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Asus E2040IUK-BB007M | 2 GB RAM | 500 GB SATA II
Asus AIO E2040IUK-BB006M
Lenovo All in one in india
Dell Vostro 3800ST Desktop (Intel Core i5-4460 - 4GB RAM - 500GB HDD - 15.6 - WINDOWS 8SL)